/AIR BEAT Interface Concept

The game’s user interface is visually based on the screen design of Japanese arcade machines. Strong, bright colors and visual light effects are used as mediums for designing the user interface. Furthermore, an easy-to-read, very broad, and relief-like typography is used for all the texts. Its expression should be reminiscent of big illuminated signs in arcade halls or cinemas. But the design is also carefully evaluated so that the visual representation does not become too shrill and still has a certain simplicity.

The characters and background illustrations of /AIR BEAT are deliberately kept in the anime style in order to integrate the flair of Japanese arcade halls used for the game.

The menu and start screen backgrounds consist of a sky with clouds, this is intended to harmonize with the air in the game’s name, which comes from the notes that are played in the air. In addition, the light background should also loosen up the general game atmosphere and give it a more happy and more positive impression.

For the colors of the interaction buttons, the traffic light principle is used i.e. green as the confirmation and continue color, and red as the color for cancel or undo actions. The buttons for switching difficulties are light blue for easy and dark purple for difficult. The colors were chosen so that light blue should represent lightness and simplicity and dark purple should represent the heaviness and toughness of the level.

The shapes in the user interface of /AIR BEAT are mostly rectangular with slightly rounded corners. The rectangular shape is intended to ensure that the elements of the user interface are not too flashy despite their colors and distract from the information displayed in them. In addition, the presentation of the individual menu items should be reminiscent of playing cards that you shuffle through. The rounded corners ensure that the display is not too geometric and rather childishly/playful.

A complete list of all UI / UX perceptions and the justified decision-making can be found in the GDD Game Design Document for /AIR BEAT: /AIR BEAT GDD Game Development Document (German).

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