Environment Art Commissions for the V-Tuber Yorinaki

Environment Art commission from the V-Tuber Yorinaki.
Yorinaki commissioned two artworks from me to use in his streams and for his character lore.
One of the client’s requirements also was that both images are in ultra broadscreen 21:9 resolution.

For the first artwork, the client wanted an open-world artwork with him and another character from his lore (name still undefined). another requirement also was that there is a castle/cathedral-like building with a big floating crystal in the background also that the pond I did draw in his second artwork.
The rest of the artwork was up to my own discretion and decisions. I wanted to make the composition so that the focal point, the cathedral is in the middle of a valley surrounded by mountains that frame it.
The characters are in the foreground so that they are bigger represented an are more visible, also I wanted to make it so that it seems like the characters are traveling toward the cathedral.
Overall the Image should express a happy, peaceful, and adventurous feeling and the viewer should be inclined to join the characters on their journey.

Here are some of the progress images that were created during the creation process together with the client.