What is the Arcadia demo version?

Arcadia is a turn-based role-playing game that guides the player through the game without spoken or written words. Each player should interpret and experience their own story through the narrative gaps deliberately created during the course of the game. The player is guided through the game using only symbolism and level design. He is not told how to solve puzzles or what he has to do and when. The position of individual objects in the level or symbols appearing in the game enables the player to recognize what he has to do and when. In addition to individual rule mechanics, Arcadia also offers a turn-based combat system that also guides the player without words.

Arcadia offers an imaginative game world just waiting for you to explore.

Can you solve all riddles?
Can you find all secrets?
Are you able to master all challenges, to get stroger?
Are you ready, to dive in the untold story of Arcadia?


Here you can find the developer alpha Version 1.0.12 of Arcadia with around 40min of gameplay.


Demo Gameplay

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