What is EvolX?

Evol X is a new kind of trading card game, which stands out from traditional trading card games due to its unique resource system. Since many card games use the classic “Mana” resource formula that “Magic the Gathering” once created, EvolX brings a new principle to the market.

In short EvolX charges, a fixed amount of resources (currently 3) from the top of the card deck each turn. Then players can openly choose any amount of those resources to add to their hand and the rest is used as play points to pay for card and effect costs. There are no regular draws for the turn or other measures to generate play points. So players constantly have to balance between drawing cards or having resources to play cards. Also whenever a card is used to pay for play points, that card is placed under the deck so that resources can only be used once. Encouraging players to really think about card advantage and game tempo.

More information and the official rules will follow in a different post.

Here is the first overview of some of the cards for the EvolX Alpha set. Card effects are subject to be changed for game-balancing reasons.