Hexascension Miniatures

Herxascension contains six character miniatures, each for up to 6 players. Each of the miniatures corresponds to one of the six classes in Hexascension and is colored in the color of the corresponding class.
At the start of the game, each player chooses a class/miniature that he/she will keep for the entire game regardless of the player’s current class thought the game.

3D print of the miniatures

The first test prints of the figures were carried out with a PLA printer but the results of the print were absolutely inadequate and the figures lost almost all details due to their small scale also they were far too brittle.

For this reason, a CLIP printer (Continuous Liquid Interface Production) was used to print the final figures. This printing process allowed the details of the figures to be displayed much better and the figures were also much more stable thanks to the resin used for printing.

The first picture shows the comparison of the PLA print (red) with the CLIP print (grey).

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