The Hexascension game board

The game board is a modular board consisting of 61 hexagonal tiles. On most of the tiles, players can carry out individual actions with their character figures, for example, fight monsters, find treasures trade with townsfolk, etc.

With the help of movement/action cards, players can move their characters on the game board or perform an action on a special game field.

The game board currently has 5 special board tiles, each of which triggers an effect when a character on the board performs an action on them. Here is an example of the Nexus tile:

Nexus (Rot)
Draw a random Nexus territory card (red tile symbol on the back) and roll a six-sided die, depending on the result rolled, an event that is described on the territory card is carried out.

43 modular game pieces

• 1 Nexus (red)
• 6 Arena (orange-yellow)
• 6 City (dark-blue)
• 6 Village (bright-green)
• 6 Spwanpoints (Flat overlays/ greenish-blue)
• 18 neutral tiles
• 6 Tripple pieces
• 12 double pieces

3D print

All 43 game board parts were made of resin with a CLIP printer (Continuous Liquid Interface Production). For later mass production, however, an injection molding process would be used to significantly reduce mass production costs.

Rekomended game board settup

The layout of the game field shown here is only a beginner’s recommendation with an equal divide of all special tiles. The game board can be put together as you wish in order to customize the course/gameplay of the game.