Start & Base Cards

Start cards are the cards a player starts the game with. There are two types of start cards “Fokusieren” and “Marschieren”. These cards can be identified by not having a focus cost in the upper-right corner.

Base cards are cards such as B. “Meditation”, “Sprint” and “Aufstieg” these cards are always available for purchase (until all existing quantities have been purchased) regardless of which random cards are currently on display in the center row.

Display Cards

Display cards are the cards that the player acquires over the course of the game from randomly displayed cards. From all the display cards, only six random cards are available for purchase at each given time.
There are a total of five different colors/alignments for display cards. Each color represents the card’s affiliation with a playable class/role in Hexascension. for example the red cards are assigned to the fighter call and typically focus on battle effects. Dark blue display cards are neutral cards and have no class affiliation and focus on more generic effects.

Display cards are divided into three subtypes of cards:

  • Normal Action: These cards can only be used during your own turn and are discarded at the end of the turn.
  • Quick Actions: These cards can also be used during your opponent’s turns but are discarded after they resolve their effect.
  • Equipment: These cards can only be played during your turn but stay in play, even after your turn ends. These cards typically enhance the attributes of your character or give your character a special ability.

Character Cards

The character cards indicate a player’s current class in Hexascension and provide information about that character’s attributes and effects. Each player can only have one class at a time. If a new class is acquired, the old class is discarded. Character cards can be recognized by the fact that they have the card type “Character” and printed attribute points on the right side. The colors of the class cards correspond to the respective colors of the display cards.

Monster Cards

Monster Cards represent the monsters that can be fought in Hexascension. They are divided into simple monster cards, normal monster cards, and boss monster cards. These cards can be recognized by the fact that they have the card type “Monster” and printed attribute points on the right side.

Location Cards

In Hexascension, location cards represent individual locations that the player can visit when performing an action on one of the special tiles. There are different types of location cards for each special tile in Hexascension. The assignment of which tile a card belongs to is done using the colored markings on the back of the location card.
For example, are city board tiles marked with a blue tile icon to represent their alignment with the blue city board tile.