Dawn Environment Art

Custom environmental art piece I did. The artwork should show a character that is on a journey to an unknown destination as a lot of young people, including myself are still on their journey to find themselves. The night is switching to day as the first sunrays show us our path and illuminate the possibilities we have. The fantastical dreams are going to end and we have to start moving again up to new horizons. The harsh and sharp mountains show that our path wont be an easy one and we have to face many difficulties if we want to find our goal and our purpose.

The colors orange and purple were chosen to not only represent night and day but also to give the image an aura of mystery and an eerie and magical feeling.

The character design was a rather spontaneous decision, at first, I wanted to draw a more fantasy-like character but then decided to add more futuristic elements to give the character more depth and points of interest.