Illustration for Hololive’s Ninomae Ina’nis

Custom illustration for Hololive Productions Ninome Ina’nis 2023 birthday celebration.
The illustration shows Ina holding a digital artist’s pen and doing a colorful brush stroke at the viewer.
This pose should emphasize that Ina is not only one of Hololive V-Tuber talents but also a very talented and creative artist. The little creature in the top right is called a Takodachi these represent Inas fans and work like a little mascot character for PR artworks. My goal was to make the overall expression of the image happy and comfortable so as to express the colorful nature of Ina’s character and emphasize the theme of her birthday. The color composition was inspired by Mika Pikazos art.

Here are some insights on the development process of the final image.