What is /AIR BEAT?

/AIR BEAT is a rhythm game that aims to bring the feel of Japanese rhythm arcade machines, such as JuBeat, MaiMai, or SoundVoltex, into your own living room.
The basic gameplay is similar to existing rhythm games like GuitarHero or BandHero. From the top part of the screen visual note representations will descend and as soon as they reach a certain area they have to be played by the player.

/AIR BEAT is implemented as a touch application that can be played with a touch-enabled device (e.g. smartphones, Apple I-Pad, Windows Surface). For later releases, a dedicated multifunction touch controller was designed, which should bring the gameplay even closer to a modern arcade machine.

In order to stand out from other touch-capable rhythm games, /AIR BEAT comes with its own special action notes, called “Air Notes”. Air notes are notes that are not played on the controller’s touch area, but by moving the hand vertically over the controller. In a similar way to the instrument called Theremin. In addition, the game should stand out from other mobile rhythm games with its eye-catching color screen design.

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Beta core-gameplay: